Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Frost: Finished!

Just after I started my blogging "break", I finished Holiday Frost!

Holiday Frost

This is made from a free quilt pattern for Henry Glass and panel yardage for the center motifs.  It was a pretty easy quilt to put together, once everything was cut. 

Holiday Frost

I made this quilt for my mum and she decided to send it off to a quilter, because she really wanted snowflakes.  I think that the quilting turned out great!  

Holiday Frost

I picked up the quilt from the quilter and bound it for my mum.  It was a nice activity to do on cold nights by the fire!

Holiday Frost

All the fabric is Holiday Frost by Jan Shade Beach for Henry Glass.  I'm glad I checked this quilt off before the holidays!

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

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I totally fell off of the blogging truck.  After finishing the Fireworks quilt and a couple of other things, I took a bit of a sewing (and blogging, apparently) break, but I think I'm ready to hop back on the truck!  The last couple weeks of November were pretty low key.  I quilted a quilt for a friend and spent the rest of the time trying to keep motivated.  I made the transition into the third trimester on Monday and I've been having a hard time finding energy to do things.

28 Weeks

The weather certainly hasn't been helping me feel like getting off the couch... Temperatures plummeted this week and there's not a day above freezing in the forecast.  It only snowed once, but we're not expecting it to go anywhere with temperatures in the teens.

December snow

Although I have admittedly been on the couch a lot, I did start a cross stitch project for a Christmas gift.  I've been working pretty steadily on it and I'm hoping to finish it up this week.

Elephant Cross Stitch

I bought the pattern from Seemingly Stitched, but to be honest, I don't fully recommend it.  There's 29 colors in the pattern and I think it's more complex than it needs to be.  Sure, it looks cool when it's stitched, but it is quite a headache to get there... If you attempt it, I wouldn't set a harsh deadline, like Christmas, for yourself!

In other exciting news, we went to Jake's parent's house for Thanksgiving and we got to pick out a blanket for baby girl that was made by Jake's late grandmother Johnson!  She made a bunch of baby girl blankets, but Jake only has one sister and only nephews, so there were a lot to choose from.  We came home with this gorgeous blanket and I'm thrilled to have it!

Baby Girl's blanket from grandma

Jake also put together this bike for baby girl!  He purchased it in Germany while he was there for his mission 8 years ago and shipped it home.  It was sitting in its box all these years and he was thrilled to assemble it, even though she won't be able to ride it for quite some time!

Baby Girl's German bike

Well, that's all that's been happening recently.  I hope to be more exciting in the coming weeks!  I finally have plans to sew on Monday!

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