Here I will keep a list of all the quilts I have finished since I began blogging, in chronological order.  Below the photo of the quilt, I will provide the link the post in which I presented the finished quilt although there will no doubt be other posts in which the quilt was shown in various points of unfinished-ness (seriously, is that a word?).

I will also include any quilts that I participated in the completion of - for example, I have helped my mom with two quilts, but I spent enough time working on them that I consider them finishes for me, as well as for my mum.

AVB Finished

Lillian & Oliver Baby Quilt

Body and Sole Quilt

Curved Log Cabin Quilt Finished

Neighborhood Charm Quilt Finished

Lillian + Oliver Finished

Baby Zig Finished

March's Fresh Mini Quilt

Mom's Lillian + Oliver 2

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  1. Your quilts are just so clever they are beautiful.


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