Friday, November 15, 2013

Fireworks Quilt: Finished!

This quilt has been a long time coming...  I started this Fireworks quilt back in February and it took me until now to get it finished... Although I have some fair excuses, that's still a long time!  Nevertheless, it is done now and I can relax about it!

Fireworks Quilt

The quilt top is made up entirely of Constellations by Lizzy House.  I am totally in love with this fabric and I love that she made a print of stars on white so that I could use it as the background.

Fireworks Quilt

This is a Thimble Blossoms pattern by Camille Roskelly (link above) and it was written really well!  The "fireworks" came together easily after I made the first block and got the hang of it.  It did, however, take me 6 hours to sew together two blocks, since I made them two at a time.  This is not a fast quilt, but I would say it is rewarding.

Fireworks Quilt

For the back I used more Constellations and Timeless Treasure's sketch in navy.  I wanted to stick with dark fabric for the back because I want to use this as a stargazing quilt (once the weather warms up again!)

Fireworks Quilt

I quilted it in concentric circles and I absolutely LOVE it.  I first fell in love with concentric circles when I quilted my Dad's Body and Sole quilt last year.  I knew then that I just had to have my own quilt with those circles someday.  When I was stumped on how to quilt this quilt, I thought, why not?  I used a variegated thread so it shifts from dark blue to light blue to white and I love that!

Fireworks Quilt

Here's number two for my 99 in 999 goal number #33: Make a quilt for each month of the year!  This one is going to be June.  Or May.  I haven't quite decided!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas Sewing Continued

I have been making another quilted tote similar to this one I made earlier this year, using the same tutorial, loosely.

Quilted Tote 2

I've been using all scraps for the front of the bag, including an abandoned Pow Wow quilt block. It feels really nice to use up that block that has been hanging around for forever!  The front is now all quilted and I just need to quilt the back and assemble it!  Hopefully I can get that done soon...!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

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Happy Monday, Friends!

With the exception of the Holiday Frost quilt, I have really been trying to finish up things that I've started this year.  I'm hoping the Fireworks quilt will finally be finished this week and my next work in progress priority is the Pow Wow quilt.  I have purchased the thread to quilt it, but the backing that I had been planning on using isn't big enough and I'm not sure what to use...

Pow Wow Quilt Top

I also started this damask giraffe in May and I just finished it.  I still need to give it a little soak to get the kinks out and frame it, but I'm checking it off my list anyway!  I really love the way this turned out and I wanted to start a new cross stitch project immediately after the last stitch!

Giraffe Cross Stitch

I have also made some good progress on our Christmas decorations...!  The tree is up, decorated, and we enjoy it every night.  I still want to put garland on our railings and wreaths on our mannequins, but I'm glad I still have plenty of time to get to it!

Christmas Tree 2013

Last, but not least, Jake has made some killer progress on the nursery this week.  Poor guy has been working on it every night!  The walls are painted, but still need to be touched up from where the paint leaked under the tape, and the crib is assembled!

Baby Girl's Crib

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Holiday Frost Finished Quilt Top

This Holiday Frost quilt top is all sewn together and it's already at the quilter!

Holiday Frost Quilt Top

The top came together pretty quickly, once I sat down and dedicated some time to it.  The panel squares were a bit annoying to cut out, since I had to try to center the motif within each square, but that was really the only thing that gave me trouble.

Holiday Frost Quilt Top

The best part is that my mom is thrilled with the way it looks!  She is getting snowflakes quilted on, and I can't wait to get it back from the quilter!

Holiday Frost Quilt Top

Yay for a Christmas quilt!

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas Sewing... Already!

I have already started on my Christmas sewing!  I'm not making too many handmade gifts this year, but I did want to sew up a few small things.  That includes these tiny bags!

Tiny Drawstring Bags

I used Jeni's beloved drawstring bag pattern (in the tiny size!) and the bags turn out perfect every time!  They are super easy to sew together, and they feel so rewarding!  I must admit, only two of these are gifts... the one on the left is for me!

Tiny Drawstring Bags

I only used scraps to make all three bags and that always feels like an accomplishment!  These bags turned out super cute and I know their recipients are going to just love them!

Tiny Drawstring Bags

The countdown to Christmas has begun!

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Pillow: Finished!

First things first: HAPPY NOVEMBER!!

Second: I'm putting up my Christmas tree this weekend.

Third: I finished this Halloween pillow just barely in time for Halloween!

EPP Halloween Pillow

I started this pillow at Sewing Summit in September in Kaye Prince's class.  The pillow top is English paper pieced using Kaye's Doughnut Kiss pattern.  Once I got the hang of EPP, the pillow top came together well and fairly quickly.  I am so, so glad I took her class because I super love this pillow and I super love the technique!

EPP Halloween Pillow

I used scraps from my Halloween Plus Quilt and some scraps from my scrap bins.  I used Moda Black for the background and pillow back.

EPP Halloween Pillow

I'm excited to have this done and also to have another Halloween decoration!  But I must say, I am even more excited to put away my Halloween things and start decorating for Christmas!!

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