Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sewing Summit!! (part two)

The second day of Sewing Summit came earlier and faster than I was prepared for!  I was already wiped out from the previous day, but I had a full day of fun ahead of me!

After breakfast, my mum's and my first class was the Appliqué Tea Towel class with Amy Redden.

Tea Towel Appliqué

This was a fun little class!  It was nice to finish the project entirely in class and not add to my ever expanding list of unfinished projects.

Tea Towel Appliqué

I chose to do a little fox face!  If I were to do this again, I would definitely give him solid colored eyes... but I love his little nose!

Our next class was a Metal Frame Pouch with Elena Roscoe.  This was another fun class!

Metal Frame Pouch

We finished our pouches during class time, too!  It's a pretty easy pouch, but the results are great!

Metal Frame Pouch

Our third class was an Embroidered Pocket Hoop with the darling Amanda Woodruff.

Embroidered Pocket Hoop

I didn't get very far on mine... I still need to finish the running stitches around my color wheel blocks and put it all together, but you kind of get the idea?

Embroidered Pocket Hoop

Once it's all done, I'll have a little pocket for my rotary cutter and other things!

Our last class of the day was a Photography Lecture by Melissa Esplin.  It was very informative!  Maybe I'll be able to improve my photos!

The closing dinner that night was bittersweet.  It was a lot of fun, but it was sad that it marked the end of Sewing Summit.  Our keynote speaker was Heather Bailey.  It was a lot of fun to listen to her speak and share her story of how she got to where she is.  It was definitely the highlight of the evening.

After dinner, the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild put on a mixer at a nearby gastropub.  Mum and I popped in for just a bit, since we were both so exhausted and had to drive home that night.


We were glad we stopped by when we received this swag!

I forgot to mention that Friday night, during open sew, Amanda, who owns Westwood Acres, staged a pop up shop in one of the sewing rooms!  Of course, I couldn't leave empty handed...

Acacia Bundle

This is Tula Pink's new Acacia!  I fell in love with the colors immediately and I had to bring it home!

Well, that ends Sewing Summit 2013... I have lots of plans and ideas to make next year's event even better and I'm already excited for it!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sewing Summit!! (part one)

Sewing Summit was this past weekend and it was so much fun!!  I had such a great time, I came home exhausted, but already thinking about Sewing Summit 2014!  This is an event that I will definitely go to again.  It was worth every penny and I am so excited about all the things that I learned and all the people I met!

First, there was the shop hop Thursday morning.  I chose not to ride the bus, because two of the shops that the bus stopped at are really close to my house and I thought I would come home to eat lunch and let the girls out after visiting those shops.  I still came home with a good stack of fabric and some free goodies!

Shop Hop

Everything on the stack to the left was free!  Gotta love free stuff!  Even though I visit those shops regularly, I seem to always find something that I can't live without!

That night we had an opening mixer, which I failed to take photos at... and then mum and I stayed up late in the sewing rooms working on some pillow tops, which we still have yet to finish!

We woke up bright and early Friday morning, had breakfast and went to our first class!

Pat Bravo Lecture

A lecture on fabric design by Pat Bravo!  It was a really fun and inspiring lecture.  I super enjoyed it.  She even gave us fat eighths of her fabric!  (I didn't take two, mom gave me hers!)

Our next class was the Fold Over Zipper Clutch with Alessandra Guiterrez!

Fold Over Zipper Clutch

It was a fun class, but neither of us actually got the clutch done during the class time.  We both finished during open sew that night, though.

Fold Over Zipper Clutch

I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  It was really easy to make and I'll probably make more in the future.

Our third class that day was English Paper Piecing with Kaye Prince.  This class was a blast and could have been my favorite class at Sewing Summit!

English Paper Piecing

I didn't get very far in class, but I worked on it a bit when I was home and lounging on Sunday.  This is the beginnings of a halloween pillow top!

Our last class of the day was the half square triangle quilt top with Amy Smart.  My mom picked this class out and she was thrilled when she laid out the blocks to the first quilt top that she's ever made!  I only got as far as finishing the blocks...

HST Quilt

I'm hoping to finish this quilt top some time this year... I just have so much going on right now!

After dinner, mum and I went straight back to the sewing rooms and worked until about 11.  It was a great day!

I'll post about the rest of Sewing Summit tomorrow!

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Virtual Quilting Bee: Block 12!

Here is the 12th block for the Virtual Quilting Bee!

VQB Block 12

I really like this block! It was quick to sew up and, for once, I had an easy time picking out fabric for the block.

I am now two blocks behind, of course, with two blocks left to be posted before we get finishing instructions.  I hope I can catch up before then, but I have so, so much to do!  And Sewing Summit is this weekend!

Ahhh! I better get to work!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Recents >>

Life has been pretty crazy.  I have a to-do list a mile long and I know that there's no way I'm going to be able to accomplish everything... so, I know I really must decide what to cut out.

Anyways, here's a bit of an update of the goings on!

Waterfront Park, Sunprint, Lush Uptown, Koi

I have, of course, purchased more fabric!  The bottom two prints are from the Waterfront Park collection, then two Sunprint feathers, then two Lush Uptown prints (I was so excited when they reprinted this!!), and at the top is a to-die-for Koi print.  It's a cute little stack!

Halloween Plus Quilt

I have also been working on my Halloween quilt from Sweetwater's Boo Crew collection.  I changed directions from making a strip quilt and decided instead to make this Plus quilt from Jeni Baker's tutorial.  This quilt has been on my to-do list for a long time, so I thought why not now?!  I thought I had cut enough squares to lay out the quilt top last night, but I didn't!  So, today I'm going to cut my last three Boo Crew fat quarters and then lay out the top!

Sewing Summit '13 Prep

I have also been preparing for Sewing Summit!  There's almost two of everything here... that's because I cut my mom's fabric also - out of the kindness of my heart!  I'm trying really hard to keep everything organized and easy to get to.  It would be terrible to forget something!

Baby Girl Outfit

We've also been doing a bit of shopping for baby girl!  This is my favorite outfit!  The bottoms are indeed a faux jean!


So, I spend all of fall and winter in moccasins.  So, baby girl needed a pair also!  Way before we found out that we're expecting a girl, I just knew that if we had a girl she would need moccasins like her mama.  My pair of moccasins that I photographed is actually a pair I haven't worn... I have a pair on feet right now, but they look dirty and gross!  I always keep a back up pair, and they are always the same moccasins that I buy from Target!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Absence: Explained

So... I thought it was about time to share the reason behind my sickness and absence...

I'm pregnant!!

16 Weeks

And, it's been quite a journey.  I am now 16 weeks pregnant and I still have a little belly.  Depending on the day, I've only gained 3-4 pounds - and most of that has been in the last month!

Between weeks 6-11 I was so sick.  It's gotten better each week since then and now the most sickness I experience is a mild stomach ache at night sometimes.  I'm so grateful for the return of my health!

Yesterday we found out the gender of the little one...

It's a Girl!

...and it's a GIRL!!! We are absolutely thrilled!! She is the first granddaughter on all sides of our family, so we couldn't be happier!  Directly after the ultrasound my mom and I went shopping and she bought her all sorts of clothes... she's already so spoiled!

So, I have lots of baby things to make in my very near future!  I will try to be better at blogging!  But, if I'm absent, you'll know why!

I plan on being back tomorrow with what I've been up to!

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