Thursday, August 22, 2013

Catching Up

I know I've said this before in my last few posts, but now I truly am convinced that I am feeling better and here's proof!

VQB Block 9

I have finally sewn something!!  This is block 9 for the Virtual Quilting Bee.  Getting terribly sick caused me to get 4 blocks behind...

Fortunately, I am now only two blocks behind!

VQB Block 10

Here is the 10th block!  I am so proud of myself for managing to even sew up this much after weeks of not sewing a single stitch!

Here are all the blocks I have finished so far, blocks 1-10.

VQB 1-10

I'm pretty pleased with how they're looking all together.  I like the color diversity.  I'm thinking about assembling them in color order when I put the quilt top together.

So... hopefully I'm getting back on track and the blog won't be so quiet any more!  I do have a small finish for tomorrow and I have some recents to catch up on next week!

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