Thursday, August 1, 2013

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So, other than being sick, there have been a few things that have happened recently...

I mentioned another trip to Dallas for my sister's surgery.  As you can imagine, there weren't very many photo opportunities, but I caught a picture of my sis being silly the day before her surgery.


And... my mom caught a picture of Dad and I passed out in the waiting room, waiting for my sister to get out of her 12 hour long surgery.

Pop and Me

While I was home, I spent some time with my niece, Cora.  She's a skittish little pup, but she is so adorable!


On the day I was to return back to Salt Lake, my flight was cancelled.  Not delayed for hours - totally cancelled.  The best Delta could give me was a flight that left at noon the next day... BUT, it was a first class ticket... hard to be mad about skipping lines, extra comfort, and a served lunch during the flight...

Flight Home

Before the flight, I found a Häagan Dazs in the terminal and a book by my favorite author. (I didn't even know this book had been released yet!)

Flight Home

A few days after finally making it home, I fulfilled one of my 99 in 999 goals: #21 Meet Breanna's baby boy... and he is adorable.

Jake, Matthew, and Breanna


And, last but not least!  I finally got my Pebble watch.  Jake and I backed Pebble on Kickstarter early last year and we pledged enough for two watches.  Jake chose to get a red watch, so he got his some time in May.  I wanted a white one and had to wait even longer!  Worth the wait though, this watch is awesome.

Pebble Watch

It's an e-paper watch with multiple digital faces (or an analog face that is still digitally done...).  It is connected to my iPhone via bluetooth, so I can read texts, emails, and even see who is calling.  I can control the music on my phone with just the push of a button on my watch.  It's pretty cool.

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