Thursday, June 27, 2013

99 in 999: #54

While spending the day with my mum on Monday, she showed me her bonsai tree.  Because maintaining a bonsai tree is on my list of 99 goals, I told her about the list.  She asked me what other things were on my list and I told her random things as they came to me throughout the day.  Then I got to #54: Owning a pair of gold flats.  She instantly said that she had a pair of gold flats she has only worn once and I could have them if I wanted.  Of course, I wanted to see them!

99 in 999: Own gold flats

Needless to say, they came home with me!  How could I pass up beautiful Gianni Bini gold flats?

99 in 999: Own gold flats

There's another one checked off the list! 97 more to go!

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