Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sewing Summit!! (part one)

Sewing Summit was this past weekend and it was so much fun!!  I had such a great time, I came home exhausted, but already thinking about Sewing Summit 2014!  This is an event that I will definitely go to again.  It was worth every penny and I am so excited about all the things that I learned and all the people I met!

First, there was the shop hop Thursday morning.  I chose not to ride the bus, because two of the shops that the bus stopped at are really close to my house and I thought I would come home to eat lunch and let the girls out after visiting those shops.  I still came home with a good stack of fabric and some free goodies!

Shop Hop

Everything on the stack to the left was free!  Gotta love free stuff!  Even though I visit those shops regularly, I seem to always find something that I can't live without!

That night we had an opening mixer, which I failed to take photos at... and then mum and I stayed up late in the sewing rooms working on some pillow tops, which we still have yet to finish!

We woke up bright and early Friday morning, had breakfast and went to our first class!

Pat Bravo Lecture

A lecture on fabric design by Pat Bravo!  It was a really fun and inspiring lecture.  I super enjoyed it.  She even gave us fat eighths of her fabric!  (I didn't take two, mom gave me hers!)

Our next class was the Fold Over Zipper Clutch with Alessandra Guiterrez!

Fold Over Zipper Clutch

It was a fun class, but neither of us actually got the clutch done during the class time.  We both finished during open sew that night, though.

Fold Over Zipper Clutch

I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  It was really easy to make and I'll probably make more in the future.

Our third class that day was English Paper Piecing with Kaye Prince.  This class was a blast and could have been my favorite class at Sewing Summit!

English Paper Piecing

I didn't get very far in class, but I worked on it a bit when I was home and lounging on Sunday.  This is the beginnings of a halloween pillow top!

Our last class of the day was the half square triangle quilt top with Amy Smart.  My mom picked this class out and she was thrilled when she laid out the blocks to the first quilt top that she's ever made!  I only got as far as finishing the blocks...

HST Quilt

I'm hoping to finish this quilt top some time this year... I just have so much going on right now!

After dinner, mum and I went straight back to the sewing rooms and worked until about 11.  It was a great day!

I'll post about the rest of Sewing Summit tomorrow!

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