Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Absence: Explained

So... I thought it was about time to share the reason behind my sickness and absence...

I'm pregnant!!

16 Weeks

And, it's been quite a journey.  I am now 16 weeks pregnant and I still have a little belly.  Depending on the day, I've only gained 3-4 pounds - and most of that has been in the last month!

Between weeks 6-11 I was so sick.  It's gotten better each week since then and now the most sickness I experience is a mild stomach ache at night sometimes.  I'm so grateful for the return of my health!

Yesterday we found out the gender of the little one...

It's a Girl!

...and it's a GIRL!!! We are absolutely thrilled!! She is the first granddaughter on all sides of our family, so we couldn't be happier!  Directly after the ultrasound my mom and I went shopping and she bought her all sorts of clothes... she's already so spoiled!

So, I have lots of baby things to make in my very near future!  I will try to be better at blogging!  But, if I'm absent, you'll know why!

I plan on being back tomorrow with what I've been up to!

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  1. That's wonderful; congratulations!! Glad to hear you're feeling better too.

  2. loooooved this post :) Though I follow along on IG so it wasn't terribly shocking ;) Such an amazing thing. Huge congrats!!


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