Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Monday...

Good afternoon, friends!

First, I want to recap on my to-do list for last week, then I'll share this week's goals, and then I owe y'all three things that I'm grateful for!

So here's how I did last week...

  • Put together the quilt top for my Dad's quilt: yes!
  • Buy backing for Dad's quilt: no... but I did find and buy it this morning!
  • Piece together the backing for my biological fathers quilt: yup!
  • Pack the guest bathroom: yes!
  • Pack coat closet: yes!
  • Pack pictures/paintings: Yes, sadly... the apartment feels so hollow now!
  • Finish packing the living room: yes! 
So, it was a productive week!

Now that we are 14 days until closing, I am ready for life to get hectic!  Here's what I want to accomplish this week:

  • Quilt my Dad's quilt
  • Make the binding for my Dad's quilt
  • Pack up as much as possible in the master bathroom
  • Start packing my closet
  • Find the paint color for our new master bedroom!
It doesn't seem like a lot, but since I bought the backing fabric this morning for my Dad's quilt... I don't even have it pieced together, let alone basted!  I have a lot of work ahead of me this week!

Since we're on to lists, I want to list my three favorite things that I love and that I am grateful for in the winter time... it's getting to be cold here in Utah, and since I am originally from Texas and not a fan of the cold, I have to focus on those things that I love!

  1. Potato soup - this is my favorite soup and after going through dozens of recipes, I finally found one that is amazing.  I'll be sharing it here next time I make it!
  2. Fires and smores - this requires no explanation :]
  3. Holidays with family - nothing is better than family gatherings.  Since this occurs twice in the wintertime, it is definitely something I love and look forward to.
I hope y'all have a great and productive Monday!


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