Monday, November 26, 2012

Make it Happen Monday + Catch Up

Good afternoon!

Holy cow, it feels like forever since I've been in this space!  While I have been incredibly busy, I am so sad to say that we were not able to close on the house before the holiday (due to an underwriter that was clearly already on holiday in his head).  We do have a SET TIME to close tonight, though!  That means that we'll be moving on Wednesday.  YAY!!!  So, here's to another week, but hopefully with some more blog time.

First, let's recap on the goals for the week before last:

  • Finish quilting my Dad's quilt, Body and Sole: YES!! And I love it! There are pictures here!
  • Make and attach binding for my Dad's quilt: yes!
  • Pack master bathroom: yes!
  • Pack master: yes!
  • Take the Curved Log Cabin quilt to the quilter: yes! and I got it back last Tuesday! I'll be sharing pictures of the quilt a bit later this week!
  • Buy batting for the Curved Log Cabin quilt: yes!
  • Pack fabric/sewing things: this is a sad yes.
Jake and I were also able to pack up all the dishes, pots, and pans before we left for the holiday.  We were both really disappointed that we didn't close, but we used our new found spare time to go Christmas shopping.  While most things in our apartment are packed, there are those random things that haven't quite found their way into a box... So for this week, we have some pretty big goals.

  • Finish packing EVERYTHING (I don't think I even have a choice on this one!)
  • Clean the apartment/turn in keys
  • Finish hand sewing the binding on my Dad's quilt, Body and Sole
  • Move!
  • Paint the master bedroom, kitchen, and front door
  • Unpack clothes
  • Begin unpacking fabric and sewing things (yay!)
In a way of catch up, the holiday was super fun and super tiring!  We took Jake's sister, Heather, down to St. George with us and we had a fun 4 hour car ride.  The night we got down there we took family pictures, which were hectic and crazy, but it was a good time.  For Thanksgiving dinner we went over to Jake's grandmother's.  She cooked an amazing meal!  It was a nice treat to have lamb on Thanksgiving!  On Friday Jake and I casually hit some black Friday sales.  We had two great finds!  One was a 4 piece Craftsmen tool set for Jake.  Since his birthday is in two weeks, it's an early gift for him.  The second great find was this cookbook:

This is a cookbook based off of the Wagamama restaurant.  I went to this restaurant in London and fell in LOVE.  I could not have been more excited to have found this book!  I am super determined to make some of these recipes!

On Saturday we just hung out with the family and played games and then Jake, Heather, and I drove home yesterday.  So, here we are.

It was a great week, but I am glad to get back to a normal schedule.  Well, as normal as can be when we're buying a house and moving!

Have a great Monday!

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