Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Holiday Frost: The Beginning

I decided, just this morning, that I have been super good at working on my WIPs.  The Halloween Plus quilt just needs binding and I'm almost halfway through binding my Fireworks Quilt - I have been diligent!  So, as a reward I am cutting up some fabric today to start a new quilt!

I'm going to bust out the Muppet's Christmas Carols with John Denver and start on Holiday Frost!  This is a free pattern from Henry Glass, which includes two quilts.  I am making the one with the stars.

Holiday Frost Quilt

This quilt will be easier than it looks because it requires a printed panel and that actually makes up most of it.  There's a bit of piecing with the stars, but it should all come together pretty quickly... which is the reason I agreed to make this quilt for my mum!  It seems as though I am always sewing something for her!  Ah well, I love her... and she is always generous with me...

Holiday Frost Quilt

Anyways!  She purchased all of the fabric to make this pretty thing, so all I need to do is get to work!

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