Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Works in Progress

There's something about the middle of October that just seems like the right time to evaluate that long work in progress list... I woke up thinking about my own list and I've seen several posts by my friends with theirs, so it just seems right to share my list!

My oldest WIP is my Pow Wow quilt top.  I can't hardly believe that I finished the quilt top back in February!  It has mostly been waiting around for a backing, but I'm fairly certain that I have that now, so I should really just buckle down and get it finished so that I can throw it on my guest bed!

Pow Wow Quilt Top

The next oldest unfinished quilt I have is my Fireworks quilt.  Gratefully, I've made progress on this quilt since I finished the top in March!  It is now quilted, with binding attached and I just need to hand stitch it down!

Fireworks Quilt

Also back in March I started working on the Virtual Quilting Bee.  It's understandable that this is still in the works since the last block was only posted last Friday and the finishing instructions aren't going to be posted until next week, but it's still unfinished, so it goes on the list.

Virtual Quilting Bee Blocks

Just before Sewing Summit, I decided I needed a Halloween quilt.  So I started one.  This quilt top is my most recently finished, as I only posted photos of it last Friday.  I have been kind of working on the back for this quilt... I need a bit more fabric to finish up the backing, but that is definitely on my to-do list this week.  This quilt is the priority because Halloween is so close!

Halloween Plus Quilt Top

Then at Sewing Summit, I started a Half Square Triangle quilt with Amy Smart.  This quilt is not a priority, and I don't have any plans with the finished quilt, but it needs to get done nonetheless.

HST Quilt

These quilts are just my quilts, but I have a quilt to quilt for a friend and I have a commissioned quilt that is currently just a stack of fabric.  I had hopes of making a Modern Maples quilt this fall, and I have fabric picked out and everything, but in looking at this list... I don't think I should cut for another quilt just yet! I started this year with two works in progress, and I'm really hoping to start the next year with no more than that!

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