Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Get Ready to Stitch!

While I was blogging in 2013, I occasionally posted about the Woodland Sampler  cross stitch that I was working on.  Well, I finished that year long stitch-along (SAL) at the end of that year and here is the finished product (still not framed...)!

After finishing that sampler, I immediately purchased the 2014 sampler to keep stitching along with everyone.  That sampler is the Once Upon a Time Sampler and it was so fun!  Here is this one finished, also!

This year's sampler is the Story Time Sampler, which starts on Thursday.  These SALs are SO MUCH FUN and I absolutely love doing them.  This year long project is perfect for just biting off a bit at a time, since each month's section is delivered to your inbox at the beginning of each month.  It's easy for me to stay current and excited for the next installment!

You can join any of these samplers at any time, although for the previous samplers, you will get the whole pattern at once instead of a month at a time.  I hope you'll consider stitching along with me and following the hashtag #storytimesampler on Instagram!

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