Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Projects

It has been so nice to be sewing and crafting!  I have really missed it!

Yesterday I sewed together a stocking for my Dad!  He arrives on Christmas day, so I thought that Santa would probably stop by the house to leave something for Dad and we needed to be ready!

I used Deb Strain's Spa and Kona white.  The strips of Spa are leftover from making my Dad's quilt, Body and Sole.  I thought it would be fun for his stocking to match his quilt!  I used a pattern found in the winter issue of Quilty.

For the back I just used Kona white and I quilted it with diagonal straight lines.

I am also working on a stocking for my Dad's beautiful wife, Lorie.

I'm using Kona white and Liz Scott's Domestic Bliss and making pinwheels for the stocking front!  For this stocking, I'm probably going to use a mix of the pattern in the Quilty magazine and Camille Roskelly's "Merry" pattern.

The other project that I've been working on is making stationary!  Every year Jake's siblings draw names for who they will get a gift for.  This year, I drew Stacie - Jake's brother's new wife.  I don't know her that well, but I thought I would make some stationary and sew up a pencil pouch using A Spoonful of Sugar's tutorial.  Who wouldn't like that?

This is an Instagram picture of two sets of the stationary.  The second set will be for my biological father's fiance.  I actually really like them!

There's been a lot of fun here at the Bauer house!  I love getting ready for Christmas and getting ready to see those I love!


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