Monday, December 10, 2012

Make it Happen, Monday!

Good afternoon, friends!

Life has still been crazy here in the new house.  I have officially decided that I am NEVER moving during the holidays again.  The fact that it is December 10th and I still do not have our Christmas tree up saddens me.  But it is pointless to put the tree up, if I am still painting that room.  Ugh.  I am going to try my hardest to have that room finished today so that the tree can go up tomorrow!  Speaking of goals, here's what I wanted to get done last week...

  • Finish unpacking clothes: yes! I did not say anything about shoes... ugh
  • Remove the wallpaper border and paint the front room: The border is removed and the walls are mostly painted.  We're still working on the edges and the trim.  This is what I want to be done today!
  • Unpack fabric and sewing things: Yes!! It is so wonderful to have an entire room dedicated to my craft.  I'm loving it!
  • Attach binding onto my biological father's quilt, the Curved Log Cabin: Yes! and I love it!
  • Set up the Christmas tree: we've already visited the sad story of the Christmas tree not being up yet...
  • Finish organizing the kitchen: Well, here's the thing.  It was almost done, but then we took everything off of the counter in order to scrape off the wallpaper and paint.  So, the kitchen is still a disaster.  It's such a mess that it almost makes me cry at least once a day.
So, last week doesn't feel like such a success, but we also got a lot of things done that were not on the list.  It's really been a process and a lot of work.  As much as I am ready for it to be done, the house is really looking a lot better than it did when we first bought it.  So, at least that's good.

So, here's some goals for this week!
  • Put up the Christmas tree
  • Finish painting the kitchen and put it back together
  • Take treats to the neighbors
  • Mail gifts
  • Get guest room in order and ready for guests
  • Work on the mini quilt
  • Hang some pictures (!!)
Also, I saw on Instagram this morning that the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery just opened up registration for their new Woodland Sampler for 2013!!  You can register here and the Workroom is going to have a set of Cosmo floss that will be going with the sampler!  I am so excited!


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