Monday, December 17, 2012

Case of the Mondays...

I have been such a bad blogger!  Ugh, I told myself and told myself that I wasn't going to let the Christmas season run my life and make me procrastinate blogging, but it totally has!!  I promise, this week, I will be better!

As for my goals last week...

  • Put up the Christmas tree: Yes! And I love it!  It is fully decked out with lights, but we don't have many ornaments, so it's mostly decorated with lights.  In fact, I just bought a star for the top of the tree today...  It's not fancy, but it brings in the holiday spirit
  • Finish painting the kitchen and put it back together: Yes! And it looks lovely! I love it!
  • Take treats to the neighbors: No... I'm a bad neighbor.  But I am making apple butter this week to take to my neighbors!
  • Mail gifts: Yes! They should be arriving to their destination any day now...
  • Get guest room in order and ready for guests: Yes! It's nothing fancy, but at least the bed linens are clean and comfortable.
  • Work on the mini quilt: No... I've had very little time to sew.
  • Hang some pictures: Yes! It is amazing how much more the house feels like a home now that I have pictures, and a painting, hung!

We also threw a surprise birthday party on Saturday for Jake's dad.  It was SUPER fun!  Jake and I have tried to throw great parties in the past, but they've all been kind of a flop.  This one rocked, though!

This week, the last week before Christmas, I have a lot of goals and I need to accomplish all of them!!

  • Make two sets of stationary
  • Make two pencil cases (using this tutorial!)
  • Make two stockings (for my dad and his beautiful wife!)
  • Make little apple pies (recipe!)
  • Make little blueberry pomegranate pies (recipe!)
  • Make apple butter
  • Finish mini quilt
  • Finish Christmas shopping
  • Finish wrapping gifts
  • Finish hand sewing the binding onto my biological father's quilt, The Curved Log Cabin
Well, I have a lot to do!  I'm going to have a wrapping party tonight - at least until it snows, and then it's time to sew!  It's going to be a great week!  I hope you each enjoy the joy of this Christmas time.  It only comes once a year.


Currently Listening to: The Christmas Wish by John Denver and the Muppets (Classic!!)

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