Friday, February 22, 2013

A Friday Finish!

Since I have been so furiously working on my Pow Wow quilt, I have only had the time to finish this little project!!

February Woodland Sampler

I am absolutely in love with this little Woodland Sampler!!  It is so fun for me to relax on the couch, watch tv, and stitch up these cute things.  They are small enough that it's no stress to get them done within the month and I like that!

February Woodland Sampler

I cannot wait to get the pattern for March and start stitching it up! It is seriously so much fun!

Also, I usually post pictures of Omi because she is my little shadow, so she's around whenever I have the camera, but yesterday Kio was being particularly adorable (as well as around!).  Kio is 100% a sun seeker and yesterday morning she was pouting that the sun hadn't reached the floor where she could lay in it.  It was, however, on my cutting table, which I wasn't using.  So I pulled up a dog bed and set her on it until the sun was hitting the floor.  She loved it!


I'm such a sucker for my cute girls!

Happy Friday everyone!

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