Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday, List Day

Let me start off by saying that when I woke up Friday morning I was undeniably sick.  I slept all morning and when Jake got home around one to pack up the car and head to St. George, I couldn't do it.  I could not justify being sick and miserable in someone else's bed.  So I stayed. In bed.  Jake picked up his sister and they started down south.  They actually ended up running into a terrible south moving snow storm.  So they turned around.  Four hours after leaving, Jake was home again!  I was selfishly glad that he came home... that way I wouldn't have to worry about him and he could take care of me!

So anyways, the sickness lasted all Saturday, all Sunday, and still lingers.  I can tell it's on the way out, but holy cow, I still don't feel great.  Well, that story was to tell you of just how little I did Friday through Sunday.  I longingly looked at my sewing room whenever I left the room to get more juice. Buh.  Moral of the story: don't get sick!!

Well, get ready to be surprised because here is last week's list:

  • Finish Lillian + Oliver: Yes!  I posted about it here!  Thank you everyone who left me sweet comments!
  • Buy backing and binding for Baby Zig: Yes!
  • Quilt and attach binding to Baby Zig: Yes!
  • Wake up at 6 AM: Yes! Once! It still counts!
  • Plan the garden: Yes and I am so excited for it!! I wish all this snow would just go away.
  • Finish painting the kitchen: Yes! Are you surprised yet??
How did I manage to do all that and be sick? Well, I did some of it this morning, let's be honest.

For this week my goals are pretty simple.  We have lots of family coming in town this weekend and I know I won't get any time to work once they get here.
  • Most important: Get better.
  • Finish Baby Zig
  • Wake up at 6 AM.  This only applies AFTER I get better.
  • Make this pillow
Well, there we have it. List day: check.

I am going to try to steal a nap before Jake gets home.  Sleeping at night has been so amazingly difficult.

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