Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Work In Progress

As Jake so astutely commented to me on Monday, I have actually been in need of another work in progress.  I started Baby Zig when I was still sewing Lillian + Oliver blocks, but when that quilt was finished and I was only working on Baby Zig, I didn't start anything new.  With Baby Zig so close to being done...

Baby Zig Binding

...I needed to start something new!

Flickr tells me that I bought this fabric November 13th:

Rock n' Romance by Pat Bravo

And I bought this solid and pattern to go with it:

Art Gallery Pure Elements Cabernet and Pow Wow Pattern

November was the height of the craziness with trying to finish three Christmas gift quilts and getting ready for our big move.  This fabric was wrapped in plastic bags and put away.

Until today!

I finally started cutting into this beautiful and soft fabric!  The print is all Rock n' Romance by Pat Bravo and the solid is Art Gallery Pure Elements in Cabernet.

Pow Wow Block and Fabric

As a suggestion from a friend on Instagram, I sewed up a block just to be sure that I could make this quilt while keeping the points in tact.  I think it's going to be a success!!

Pow Wow Quilt Pattern and Block

I am really excited for this quilt.  I am making the twin size for our spare bed.

Also, I remembered today that when I was talking about sneaky fabric hoarding in this post, I forgot to mention another quilt that I am slowly collecting fabric for!  This quilt probably didn't come to mind because I am only using scraps for the prints, but I think it still qualifies because I'm setting aside fabric for a specific purpose.

Dream Girl

This pattern is in the Winter 2012 issue of Quilty and as soon as I saw it, I knew it would love it in all my cherished scraps.  For this quilt I will need 580 2 1/2" squares.  So, I've gone through all my scraps and I cut out one square from each print, if I had enough.  Since I don't have enough scraps to start the quilt any time soon, I now cut a square before I put anything in my scrap bin.

Dream Girl Squares

I'm putting them in this cute jar.  I think it would be super cool to make this quilt several times, each quilt would sort of archive the fabrics I used or was into during that period of my quilting journey.  I'm digging the idea.

Well, I hope to have a finished quilt for you tomorrow!  

What are you working on?

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