Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stats for the Week!

I feel like this past week has gone by super fast.

Quilts finished: none
Fabric purchased: Technically, I didn't purchase any fabric last week... but some fabric did arrive to my door!  Whenever my mother purchases fabric, she has it sent to me... Mostly in hopes that I will cut it!

Fabricworm bundles

Both of the bundles are custom Fabricworm bundles my mother is on the left and she surprised me with the one on the right!  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my little bundle, but it is sure fun to get fabric that I wasn't expecting!

I have been busy at work on the 99 blocks that I needed for the twin size Pow Wow quilt top.  Jake and I assembled the order of the quilt top last night and I started sewing them together this morning!

Pow Wow blocks

I am very much pleased with how this quilt is turning out!

Pow Wow blocks

I have also started another quilt... I started cutting up that gorgeous Constellations fabric for my Fireworks quilt!

Cut Constellations for Fireworks

Year to date quilts started: Four
Year to date quilts finished: Four (not the same four!)

I've had some success and I am very excited for the Fireworks quilt!

How's your week?

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