Monday, February 4, 2013

Makin' it Happen Monday

Well, hello friends!

I must admit, I am moving a little slow on this sunny Monday.  I'm feeling a bit like a space cadet... We just found out that my brother has found a baby to adopt! It's so exciting!  I've been looking for quilt patterns and then I'm like, "ooh a bird!".  Come back to Earth, Megan...  I hope this whole week isn't like this or I'm in trouble!

Last week I had a fairly short list of things I wanted to accomplish.

  • Garden Planning: Yes, but more needs to be done.
  • Quilt Lillian + Oliver: Yes! In fact the binding is attached and I just need to sit down on the couch with a movie and finish it up!
  • Wake up at 6am: Yes.  Once.  Progress.
  • Work on the basement/unpacking: Yes
  • Finish painting kitchen: no.  I don't want toooooo... I'm being a child about it.
One thing I did not put on my list, but I still accomplished was the January Woodland Sampler!

Woodland Sampler January Finished

It's coming along pretty well!  I am super excited for February's installment and I think I'm about half done!

Anyways, for this week I want to... (Just for the sake of #keepinitreal, I read an entire tutorial for a baby quilt in the middle of writing this post.  I told you.. spaaace caaadettt...)
  • Finish Lillian + Oliver
  • Quilt Baby Zig and get that binding attached (before Friday!)
  • Buy backing and binding for Baby Zig
  • Wake up at 6 am.  This is obviously a work in progress.
  • Finish garden planning
  • Finish painting the kitchen.  Seriously this time. 
Anyways, for fear that I am becoming less productive by the minute, I have laundry to fold.  Lots of laundry. (Oooh! Stamps!)

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