Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Already?!

This week has been going by super FAST.  I feel like I've hardly had time to take an Instagram photo! (but I have!)

Well, I've been busy quilting Lillian and Oliver and now she is all ready to be bound!

Lillian + Oliver quilted and Binding

I have also been busy finishing up January's installment of the Woodland Sampler.  The next installment comes out tomorrow and I didn't want to be behind so soon in the game!

This is my first experience cross stitching and it has been so fun!

Woodland Sampler January Finished

Another thing that I checked off the to-do list this week was this new quilt top!

Baby Zig Quilt Top

I saw something similar that someone else did, but I couldn't find a tutorial or anything.  So... I figured one out!  I'm still writing up the tutorial, but by the time this quilt is done, I should be ready to post it!  It's an easy, fun quilt.  I'm calling it Baby Zig.  :]

And while I have been busy indoors, it has been snowing like CRAZY in Salt Lake City.  Seriously.  We do have sun today that I am thoroughly enjoying and I am so happy that I haven't seen a single snowflake fall!

While I was outside taking pictures this afternoon, Omi decided to venture out into the deep, white... I couldn't help but take some photos of her carefully stepping and hesitating her way to me... She is so sweet!

 Omi in the Snow

Omi in the Snow

YAY for some wins and finishes this week!  I hope your week is going great, too!

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  1. Love your woodland sampler - That is going to be so sweet!

  2. Love your Lilian and Oliver quilt and the baby zig zag too! Omi is adorable too...

  3. I love the Notting Hill fabric - I decided to use to on my first quilt. I loved it so much I went and bought a second jelly roll :-)

  4. Love the baby zig! Just popped in from Crazy Mom Quilts to see what everyone is finishing!

  5. Your woodland sample is perfectly sweet;)

  6. Baby Zig is adorable! I just love zigzag quilts!


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