Friday, May 10, 2013

Houndstooth Quilt Top

I am so excited to have finished one of my three Houndstooth quilt tops!  I was so excited that I just took it straight outside to take photos that I didn't realize that I didn't press it all that well!

Please excuse the wrinkled quilt top!

Dad Katz' Houndstooth Quilt Top

The quilt top is made up of Kona Iron and Kona Pacific.  This quilt is for my father in law and Jake helped me pick the colors.

Dad Katz' Houndstooth Quilt Top

I am excited to get the other two Houndstooth quilts done, but they are taking a bit longer because the baby size has a ton more pieces!

Well, happy Friday, my friends!

Currently Listening to: While We Wait for the Others by Grizzly Bear


  1. Ooh, I love houndstooth quilts! The colors on this one are so striking too! Love it! :)

  2. Love the colors -- very striking!


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