Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Favorites

Since I've been out of the sewing room for the past week, I thought it would be fun to share what I am totally loving this spring.

Fossil Flats

Jake actually bought these flats for me back in February, but I haven't been able to really enjoy them until the warm weather came.  These flats are made by Lucky Brand and I am completely in love with them.  They are super comfortable and I wear them every chance I get!

Triangle Earrings

I know triangles are all the rage right now, but I totally love them too.  What's more is that I am really loving gold, too... like, a lot!  So when I found these earrings at Urban Outfitters, they had to be mine!

Leather Cuff

Thanks to Anna at Noodlehead, I won this leather cuff from Kari Renee Designs! I loved the cuffs when I first saw them on Anna's blog, but I was so thrilled to receive this one in the mail!  I love the black... and gold!

Scamp & Scoundrel Necklace

I also love crystals and I have a growing collection of them.  Every time I travel I try to find one, but I usually look in antique or thrift stores.  This one is from our Las Vegas trip and it was a total unexpected find!  I found it at Scamp & Scoundrel located in the Miracle Mile Shops by Planet Hollywood.


Lastly, before we left I found this awesome terrarium in the dollar section at Target!  I bought five of them, but I couldn't wait to plant a little succulent in one of them just to see how it looks.  I love this little guy!  Isn't target the best?

What are you loving this spring?

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