Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cross Stitching Progress

I decided this year that I wanted to learn how to cross stitch.  So I joined Amanda and Ashleigh's Woodland Sampler.  I sat down to start stitching on Saturday night.  And this is what I did...

As soon as I was finished, I knew that it didn't look right... So I emailed this picture to Amanda and Ashleigh.  Amanda so very, very kindly told me that it wasn't quite right and she set me straight.

So I picked it out and did this:

As soon as I finished this row, I knew it was still wrong.  I knew that the placement of the little x's were right, but I was holding the floss around the needle all wrong.  It was way too thick!

So, I picked it out...

And, ta-da!  I finally figured it out.  These are the boxes for January and March.  February is in a different color of floss, and I just hadn't wanted to pull it out.

I do want to say that Amanda and Ashleigh have both been so kind and nice in helping me figure this out via email!  They're pretty prompt in responding to their emails.  I know that if I run into any other problems or questions, they'll be willing to help me work through it.

Are you doing the Woodland Sampler?  It's so much fun so far!  And I'm just on the boxes!!


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