Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday: Make it Happen

Good morning, friends!

Instead of going back a few weeks to recap on the last goals that I posted, we'll just start fresh with goals that are fit for a new year!

  • Change address on driver's license. Mundane. But it has to be done
  • Go through clothes and get rid of anything I don't wear
  • Put Christmas away.  This is sad because I feel like I just got it all out... 
  • Organize. General. I like it.
  • Quilt the tree study and attach binding
  • Finish the January and February cross stitch frames for the Woodland Sampler
  • Quilt the Neighborhood Charm Quilt, that I got basted last Friday!
Neighborhood Charm Quilt Basted

This quilt is from a Moda Bakeshop pattern that you can find here.  The fabrics I've used are Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott and Kona Bone.

Also, here is my Christmas day highlight:  My dad and his wife flew into Salt Lake from visiting my brother in Denver (he's really from Dallas).  He arrived at about 7 pm.  It was his first time visiting my home.  We ate dinner (homemade meatballs, stuffed shells, rolls, and apple butter).  I gave dad and his wife a tour of the house.  We opened gifts.  We ate pie.  They went to a hotel for the evening.

The following pictures are of my Dad opening his quilt, Body and Sole, that I had made for him.

Dad and His Quilt

Dad and His Quilt

Dad and His Quilt

Dad and His Quilt

I am so grateful for my Dad.  This was truly a highlight. 

What was your highlight for the holidays?


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