Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday, Making it Happen!

Good morning, friends!

It's Monday and I love Mondays!  I understand why most people don't like Mondays as it signifies the end of playing and the beginning of working, but weekends feel so odd and off track for me.  Some weekends I am over the top busy and some weekends I sort of float around without a real direction.  The former is exhausting and the latter just feels awkward.  Weekdays feel much better for me.

Anyways!  I think last week was pretty successful...

  • Change address on driver's licence: yes!
  • Put Christmas away: yes! 
  • Quilt the Neighborhood Charm quilt: I have it halfway done!
  • Finish January and February frames for the Woodland Sampler: Yes!  And I did more than that!  This is January through May!

  • Go through closet and sell/give away unused clothing: yes... this one is always bittersweet for me...
  • Organize: Yes!  My most proud organization moment is the pantry.  This is a process picture:

  • Quilt Tree Study: Yes! And I finished it!  It's so cute and I love it!
So, I got a lot done last week and I want this week to be just as productive.

  • Finish the Neighborhood Charm quilt
  • Finish all the rest of the frames for the Woodland Sampler
  • Have you heard about the #365Patterns (a pattern a day) on Instagram?  It's a daily design challenge put on by @fifthandhazel and @almaloveland.  I may not make a pattern a day, but I want to make some!
  • Cut fabric for my next project! More on this tomorrow!
  • Super organize the sewing room.  It's become a bit of a mess!
  • Organize the basement. This one will not be my favorite.
Well, here's to a happy Monday!  Have a great day, Friends!

Currently Listening to: Nicely Played by Greg Laswell

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