Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two More Holiday Highlights

For anyone that doesn't know, I made three quilts to give as Christmas gifts.  I shared some pictures of my dad opening his quilt on Monday.  The other two quilts I made were for my biological father and for my beautiful sister, Adarsh.

Unfortunately, I could not physically be there when my sister opened her quilt, Apples in the Orchard.  However, I did make sure it was arranged that we could FaceTime (I LOVE technology!).  With this I was able to watch her open her quilt and I took a screen shot!  (Sorry for the poor quality... it is a screen shot...)

Adarsh Opening Her Quilt

It was a super touching moment.  I really wished I could have been there to give her a big hug!
For more photos of her finished quilt and such, visit this post.

I was able to be there when my biological father opened his quilt, the Curved Log Cabin.  He is a little different and he doesn't really like photos to be taken of him... So out of respect, I did not take any photos while he opened his quilt.  My dad (adoptive dad, who was also there) didn't care and he took a couple photos with his phone anyway!  This one is the best of the bunch.

Randy Opening His Quilt

I am grateful to have this little photo, though.  I posted the finished pictures of this quilt here, just last week.

I really love making quilts and all sorts of sewn goodies.  But I do feel like giving them is really the frosting on the cake.  And it's undeniable that the frosting is the best part!

Who did you give something sewn to over the holiday?


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