Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh, Hello Monday

This morning I woke up kind of in a funk.  Like, my brain was like "yeah! Let's go! Stuff to do!" and my body was like, "10 more minutes..."  It's been a conflicting morning.

So last week... went by fast.  Here was my list for last week:

  • Organize the basement: You know, I really tried.  Since it's been below freezing in Salt Lake for like two weeks, our basement is so. cold. I put on gloves and a jacket and I went down there, but I just couldn't do it.  I brought up a few boxes and unpacked them, but it is just too cold to spend a good amount of time down there.
  • Finish sewing kit: Yes!  I posted pictures here!
  • QAYG sewing kit:  I started this, but I wasn't in love, so I stopped.  
  • Finish the Lillian + Oliver quilt top: Yes!  I blogged about it here!
  • Buy the binding and backing for the Lillian + Oliver: Yes! More Notting Hill and some new Summer House!
  • Baste Lillian + Oliver: yes!
  • Wake up at 6 am: not once.  I have not been sleeping well.  :[
I'm going to decide that last week was semi-successful.  Here's to a better week!
  • Plan the garden: this will be our first garden! I'm so excited!
  • Quilt Lillian + Oliver
  • Work on basement/unpacking: See what I did there?  I can still check this off if I only bring up boxes and unpack them.  I'm setting myself up for success!
  • Wake up at 6 am: I hope I can do this at least once.  I really need to get up earlier!
  • Finish painting the kitchen: It's been half painted for weeks now.  I'd really like it to be done!
It doesn't seem like a long list for the week, but there are other things that I need to accomplish, too.  I am putting together a little baby quilt (and tutorial!) that I also want to work on.

Also, inspired by Amanda at A Crafty Fox, I started a "Quilts to Make" Pinterest board!  I am so excited!  I super love the idea already.

Well, I better get to work.  Here's to Monday!

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