Monday, January 21, 2013

(Kind of) Making it Happen, Monday

I'm just going to go ahead and say that last week could have been more productive.  But I tried.  I really did...

Here was my to-do list for last week:

  • Finish the Neighborhood Charm quilt: Yes! The post about it is here!
  • Finish the cross stitch frames for the Woodland Sampler: Yes!
  • Pattern design every day: Yes, but the every day part didn't happen...
  • Cut the fabric for the Lillian & Oliver quilt: Yes! and I sewed all the blocks together!
  • Organize the sewing room: yes!
  • Organize the basement: no... it is way, way too cold down there.
So, here we go for this week...
  • Organize the basement: I really want to do this... I just need to bundle up and do it!
  • Finish the sewing kit that I started last week at the SJMQG
  • Start and finish a QAYG sewing kit
  • Put together the Lillian + Oliver quilt top
  • Buy backing/binding for Lillian + Oliver
  • Baste Lillian + Oliver
  • Start waking up at 6 am: Apparently 7 in the morning just isn't doing it anymore...
Alright! Here is to a successful and creative week!

Currently Listening to: Fluorescent Adolescent by the Arctic Monkeys

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