Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Finishes!!

Although this week has been busy with a bunch of other stuff going on and I've been wanting to spend every available minute on the Fireworks quilt, I did manage to finish up a couple of things.

First, despite my desire to not finish March's Woodland Sampler before the last week of this month, it just stitched up way too fast!

March Woodland Sampler

I think I finished it in like two nights.  I like them to last awhile because this is what I do when Jake wants to watch tv.  I really don't like to just sit there!

March Woodland Sampler

The only edit I made to this little mushroom is that I did not add the eyes and mouth.  I never really understood the desire to put faces on things that don't have faces... But, I still love this little mushroom!  So much that I actually used him in my next little project!

A needle book!

Needle book cover

This little needle book was inspired by the Woodland Sampler.  I used this amazing tutorial from Amy.  

Needle book back

I tried to use all my favorite yellow and green fabrics on the back.  We have some Lizzy House, Jenean Morrison, and that Quilted Fish yellow chevron that I seemed to use in all my projects when I first found it...

Needle book Inside

It's so cute and adorable!  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Just to illustrate how badly I needed this little needle book... Here is my previous method of storing needles...

Previous Needle Storage

Seriously?  Ridiculous.  This needle book was totally called for.

I hope you have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

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  1. Your needlebook is so fun. I've made some earlier, but now you inspire me to make a new one. Thanks!

  2. I could use one of those too, my method looks a lot like your old one. :) Nice finishes!

  3. That mushroom is super cute, and we are on the same page about the face.

  4. I love that needle book. I may need to make one like that for my hand quilting needles.

  5. Love! Everything is so cute. Keep up the good work!!

  6. I love the needle case - I can either never find my needles and go through packets, or I find them in places I was not expecting, usually standing on them. Great idea - thanks for sharing. Might even make one for my mum :-), as a thinking of you gift.

  7. congrats on being first. I was last week. You've got some cute stuff going on in your post.


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