Thursday, March 21, 2013

Virtual Quilting Bee: Block One

Even though I debate in my head a short while before I decide to join anything, I seem to always have the same conclusion - join!  Actually, I've been looking for a quilt along or something similar for a little while now.  I've been watching the Bee in My Bonnet Row Along, since it started in August, but once it got going, I thought it was neat, but not my style...  So, I have been patiently waiting... until I stumbled across Amy Smart's Virtual Quilting Bee!  I found it on the day that it officially started with the first block, so it was a quick read-through of the previous posts on fabric and all that and then I was ready!

One thing that I really like about the way that Amy has set up this virtual bee is that the blocks are released every other Friday.  That gives me plenty of time to sew up the block before the next one, and I always know when to expect another without looking at a calendar.

The first block is a star block.  When I saw that I thought, oh my goodness, I've been sewing a lot of stars lately!!  It's similar to the Fireworks quilt blocks that I've been working on and also the same concept as the Mini Quilt I made last week.  The similarities didn't make me think twice about participating in the bee, they just made me drag my heels a bit.

Anyways, enough chatter.  Here's my block!

Virtual Quilting Bee Block One

After a lot of fabric consideration, I decided that I am just going to sew with whatever fabrics I want to sew with on the day that I sew the block and use some shade of gray for the background.  I'm hoping that will add some continuity.  For this block I used Kona Iron for the background and Sarah Watt's Cushion and Dust for the star and accent corners.  I actually really love it.

(Also, WHY did it snow this morning?! Dear Weather, it's SPRING!!!)

I am super PUMPED for the next block to be released tomorrow!

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