Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Surprisingly, I purchased some fabric this past week!

I went to Pine Needles with my mom on Saturday and I saw this amazing minky.

Fox Minky

Since it was a bit pricey and I did not have my coupon on me, I went back and purchased it yesterday!  I don't have a quilt in mind for it, but I'll be using it as the backing to some future baby quilt... it is just too adorable and I couldn't pass it up!

Fox Minky

These fat quarters also made their way home with me!

Les Amis and unknown fox fabric

The top and bottom fat quarters are Les Amis and I unfortunately don't know the one in the middle... that one was sort of "grab now, ask questions later"...

I have still been working on the Fireworks quilt, but the progress has been a bit slower.  It's hard for me to stay focused when I know the blocks are such a huge time commitment.  I will show my progress on it tomorrow, though.

I did start the Fresh Mini Quilt for March, but I also finished it last week!  So, that means that I'm still only at two current works in progress!  That's happy.

Well, I hope I'm able to make some real progress on that Fireworks quilt this week.  I would love to have that hanging over the back of my couch by the middle of April!

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