Monday, August 27, 2012

Binding Day!

Now that all the pot holders are quilted, I started binding them today!

I didn't have enough of anything that matched to bind the pot holders so I went to Pine Needles to pick fabric for the binding!  Oh, it was so fun.  I love that store.  I probably go there at least once a week.  So I picked up some Pezzy Prints, Apple of My Eye, Riley Blake Chevrons, and some fabric in the same collection by Chez Moi that I used on the fourth set.

I am pretty sure that binding is my favorite part of the whole project.  It's that point where you get a clear window into the finished product.  So far, I love it!  Currently, I have the binding attached to two sets, but I think I'm going to finish attaching them all tonight and then take the hand stitching to the pool tomorrow!  Won't that be delightful?  Sunshine and hand sewing.  Life is good!

Anyways, that's all for today!  I should have some finished products for you tomorrow!


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