Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is It Still Awkward?

Yes. Yes it is.

I feel like it will be awkward for awhile.

Today is a fairly quiet day and in all the quietness I have decided that I need to set some concrete deadlines for the projects I mentioned in the last post.  I am going to share them with you to offer myself some sort of accountability. 

It only makes sense for me to finish the two unfinished paintings and the "Core Essentials" fabric notebook before starting my commissioned painting and the table runner.  Since I'm working on the notebook with my mother, that just leaves the paintings that I can set deadlines for.

I am going to aim to have the first unfinished painting done by August 25th.  The second will need to be done August 30th.  September is just going to be too insane to paint canvases... On Labor Day, the hubs and I are helping my mom paint her house, the following weekend we will be in St. George for the hubs' brother's wedding, and the weekend after we close on the house! (Holy cow, that's a month away!)  Then I'll be painting alright, but painting the walls of my home instead of a canvas! Not to mention the weekend after we close (September 21st) is the exhibit opening for Thomas Aaron at the Nox Contemporary.

Alright, enough rambling - I need to get to my studio/spare bedroom/ office and get to work!


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