Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Update & 30 Days Restart...

I just knew I wasn't going to post this past weekend! Oh well... Here's to another 30 day attempt!

The weekend was busy, but it was great!  Boating with my aunt and uncle was so fun!  It was so relaxing to just hang out on the lake and soak up some vitamin D.  The hubs and I did go tubing for awhile and my uncle was going so fast and making such sharp turns that when I woke up Sunday my body hurt every where just from when I was trying to hold on to the tube an not fall off!  I still hurt so bad, but it was way worth it!

After boating with the family, the hubs dropped me and Camilla (my sewing machine) off at my moms where we worked on our Core Essentials books!  We started our adventure off by going out to get the remaining needed supplies, coke, and brownie mix - all very important.  Then we got to work!

This was the first time either of us had ever worked with vinyl... it was NOT easy.  Here are front and back pictures of the first page:

While it was very fun to work on these pages, it was a serious challenge!  Mom and I were up until 3:30 in the morning just to complete this first page!

We did improve on our ability to work with the vinyl, though.  Sunday we got up at about 11:30, ate some cereal real quick, and then we went to work on page two.

This page probably took about 3 hours.  It was way easier though because it didn't have all those zippers!  I am pretty certain that mom and I did the hardest page first.  Now all we have to do is the last page, which holds a notepad, and the cover!  We should be able to finish it up whenever we have our next sleep over.  Progress!

The rest of Sunday I spent relaxing with the hubs at home.  He is also super sore, so we didn't do much.  But it was a good weekend.  Now I have to get ready for the week!


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