Thursday, August 23, 2012

Great Granny Hot Pads, Set #3!

I have been one busy girl!  Here is the third set of hot pads!

I actually pieced this set together yesterday after I posted the second set, which I also did yesterday!

I have the fabrics picked out for the fourth and last (for now!) set and I will be sewing those together today!  I think I'll also go get the 6 1/2 square ruler today as well so that I can square them up and get started on quilting them!  I am SO excited!

While I am sad about the house situation, I am excited to just focus on sewing for a month.  It would be nice to have a sewing room, though.  My poor kitchen tables. Yes, tables.  The hubs came home yesterday and was like, "oh, now you have to take over the other table too, huh?"  *sigh* you'd think that hot pads wouldn't create such a mess!  Quite contrary, though.  Especially when you're working with scraps!  It's a wonderful time, though.

Anyways, time to get to work!


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