Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesdays are great days.  I find that they are one of my favorites of the week.

Today I embarked on a new project.  I know, I'm insane.  It's reaching a clinical level, isn't it?  I just haven't been feeling like working in the studio lately... all I want to do is sew!  And so I indulge.

The current project I found on Lori Holt's blog, Bee in My Bonnet.  They are pot holders made from the fantastic Great Granny pattern!  The minute I saw the pattern, I fell in love.  And then I saw these pot holders and I was like, "well look at that! I can fall in love without even leaving the house!"  I said hello to my scrap box and got to work!  I have decided to make at least 4 pairs - one birthday gift and three for Christmas gifts!

Here is the first set pieced together:

If you look at Lori's blog, you can see what they look like finished and they're incredible!  I just need to get the 6 1/2" square ruler to square them up!  I'm so excited!

Also, a bit sadder news... instead of closing on the house next month, like we were intending, we're not going to be able to close until November.  We're not yet sure if we're going to be able to keep the house or if we'll have to find a different one.  It's sad, but I have faith that it will all work out either way.  That just means that all the Christmas gifts that I plan to make will need to be done or really, really close to being done by the time we close on the house.  I'm going to be one crazy quilter for the next few months!


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