Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Bench Cushion

One of my friends from the apartments where we used to live asked me if I could make  cover for some foam she bought for the top of a toy chest.  I had never made a cushion cover before, but I thought I could figure it out.  I read through a TON of online tutorials, but in the end I just decided to do my own thing.

Custom Cushion Cover

Since I don't have a bench, I used two chairs to stand in for some of these photos... [Also, yes, I keep three mannequins in my front window...]

Custom Cushion Cover

My friend picked out this Alexander Henry ombre dot and she was very specific on how she wanted this to look... I was initially planning on chopping up the fabric and adding grey piping, but she wanted the front to be wrapped around seamlessly.  It took awhile for me to wrap my brain around it seamlessly.

Custom Cushion Cover

I sewed the sides together, just like one would wrap a gift.

Custom Cushion Cover

She wanted button closures.  So I thought this would be cute.  Since the toy chest she has is made with a hinge all along the back, I added this little strap to help keep the cushion on top.  She could also put velcro on the strap and the top of the chest to keep it in place.

Custom Cushion Cover

I used buttons to keep the strap on.  And now that I see this photo, I see that I need to clip some threads! Seriously!

It was a fun little challenge, but  can say that I like making quilts more!

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  1. Lovely job on this finish. Looks awesome! I sew other things sometimes too (right now I am working on a hat) but always MUCH more enjoy my quilting!!!


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