Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Boardwalk: A Work in Progress

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been working on the Boardwalk quilt for the Relay for Life charity.  It was actually going to be a quilt that my mom was going to make, but she bribed asked me to do it for her.

My mom picked the pattern and all the fabric.  She bought this stack of Noteworthy by Sweetwater.


I'm chain piecing a lot of the process, which will of course make things go a bit faster.

Boardwalk Quilt

This quilt is actually pretty simple to make.  I think it would make for a very fast baby quilt, but I'm making the throw size.

Boardwalk Quilt

I just about have all the blocks finished and I hope to have another quilt top to share on Friday!

Boardwalk Quilt

I'm linking up with Lee this week.  She sure runs a great show!

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  1. Looks like a fun pattern. I love the color scheme; look forward to seeing the end result!


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