Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A WIP Inventory...

Last night I was thinking about the five quilts that need to be finished by June and I started to get that "I'm in over my head" feeling.  I'm the type of person that doesn't really like to leave things unfinished. I get too anxious about losing pieces or any harm coming to the quilt top before it becomes a quilt.  Since I'm generally an anxious person, I wanted to do a little work in progress inventory.

My oldest work in progress is the Pow Wow quilt.

Pow Wow Quilt Top

This quilt is going to go on our spare bed.  It's twin sized and the reason it hasn't gotten any more finished than the top is because I don't have a back for it!  Now that I have a heavy to-do list, I'm not sure when I'm going to finish this...

My next work in progress is the Fireworks quilt.

Fireworks Quilt Top

I have everything to finish this quilt, but I simply couldn't decide on how to quilt it.  Sometimes, that's such a difficult decision.

Next, we have my the latest Lillian + Oliver.  I just shared this quilt top last Friday and I am happy to report that it is already being quilted.

Mom's Lillian+Oliver 2

This quilt is one of the five that need to be completed by June and I'm not worried about finishing it up.

Then we have the newest work in progress, the Boardwalk quilt.

Boardwalk Chain Piecing

This one is still in the very early stages.  This one also needs to be done by June because it is a charity quilt for Relay for Life.  I am working very hard to have this quilt top finished by Friday.  I'll post more on this quilt tomorrow.

Since I have already talked about two of the quilts that need to be done by June, I'll briefly cover the other three... Thankfully, all three will use the same pattern!  It might get dull, but they're all gifts.  Jake's dad told me that he'd like a quilt and he picked out the Houndstooth pattern from my repertoire. Then, one of my neighbors from the apartments where we used to live found out that she was pregnant with twins!  She's very sleek and modern, and she also fell in love with the pattern!  So, why June?  Well, that's when father's day is and when the babies are due!  I'm actually quite looking forward to working on these three quilts.

Anyways, I feel better now that I have all my WIPs on the figurative table!  It is now time to get to work!

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