Thursday, April 25, 2013

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Spring is slow in coming to Salt Lake City this year.  This has been the longest winter I've ever experienced.  (Seeing as I'm a Texan girl, briefly misplaced in Utah - that doesn't mean much.)

Despite the pile of quilts I confessed to not have finished, I have, at least, finished the Woodland Sampler for April!

April Woodland Sampler

This little jackalope was so fun to stitch together!  I usually stitch while Jake and I are watching tv, but this time I mostly stitched in bed while Jake was doing homework (the boy has to get a Masters degree!).  I think I much preferred sitting in bed with my babies near and stitching in the evenings.  It was so serene.

April Woodland Sampler

I am glad to have finished this before the end of April.  I can be so determined when I'm working towards a deadline, but once the deadline has passed... good luck getting me to do it!  Just like with the Virtual Quilting Bee and the Fresh Mini Quilt Club, I really like to keep up!

Anyways, the weather has finally started to warm up, and the babies are loving the weather.

Spring 2013

The grass is also loving the weather... seeing as it is shamefully tall!

We also have this tree that is blooming beautifully.

Spring 2013

Since we bought the house just last fall, we're not sure what kind of tree it is, but my Dad thinks it's an apricot tree... I love fresh apricots!!

No spring or blooming tree is complete without baby birds...

Spring 2013

I found this nest just last Sunday and I was so pleased that mama was present when I snapped a couple of photos!

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