Thursday, April 4, 2013

Virtual Quilting Bee Block Two

For some reason, I had a really hard time settling on fabric for this block.  I even spent a good amount of time auditioning prints.  I wasn't quite sold on any of the combinations I had made.  I thought that once I had gotten my new fabrics, I  would be inspired by a combination for the block.  I was partially right.

Virtual Quilting Bee Block Two

I was immediately in love with the peach crosshatch from the Architextures collection.  I had also previously wanted to use the floral print from Cushion and Dust by Sarah Watts, but held back because I had used it in green for the first block.  Obviously, I chose to disregard my initial thoughts.  The final print is by Lizzy House and the solid is Kona Steel.

Virtual Quilting Bee Blocks One and Two

I am really happy with the way that this second block turned out and I love the two blocks together!  I am really glad I decided to participate in this little bee!  It's been a lot of fun so far!

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  1. I love your fabric choices!! Great work on the blocks


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