Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Works in Progress

Today, I'm linking up with Lee to offer myself some accountability!  Unfortunately, just as I predicted in January, the unfinished quilts are piling up!

Works in Progress

On the bottom is the Boardwalk quilt, which is quilted and ready to be bound.  Next up is the Fireworks quilt that hasn't gotten as far... I'm still deciding on what to back this quilt with... and by deciding, I mean that I put it away and started working on other things!  The quilt on top of the Fireworks quilt is my own little Triangle quilt.  This quilt top isn't yet finished, but I hope to finish it soon.  The quilt on top is the oldest work in progress! I don't have a back for the Pow Wow quilt, either!  Ugh.

And then, today, I have started working on the April Fresh Mini Quilt!

Dear self, this is getting out of hand!!

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  1. Those flying geese are delightful!!

  2. Get those finished! They beautiful now, think of how happy you will be when they are done!


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