Thursday, September 6, 2012

Busy Thursday + Mug Rug

Happy Thursday quilty friends!

I have been ULTRA busy today cleaning, doing laundry, packing (for me, my husband, and two babies), and of course sewing!  While I probably could have made today not hectic by excluding the sewing, what fun would that have been?

Over the Christmas/New Years holiday the hubs and I will be traveling with my dad and his wife to Boise, ID to celebrate the birthday of my dad's wife's sister.  While Jake and I are traveling along mostly to spend time with Dad and his wife (they live in Dallas still), I recently realized that we are going for a birthday celebration... and we should probably bring some sort of gift.  When I asked my dad's wife what her sister might like, she said that her sister likes Starbucks.  And then she said not to worry about bringing a gift.  Well... I was taught to always bring a gift! Especially when they are welcoming Jake and I, randomly.  So I thought I would sew a mug rug, find an eclectic mug, and buy a Starbucks gift card.  Nice and easy.  Yesterday I cut all the fabric for the mug rug and this morning, bright and early, I got to work sewing them.

The block in the middle is Christmas Star II.  I'm not sure what all the fabrics are - some of them no longer had selvages.  The purple is leftover from my sister's quilt, the lime green and the pink towards the bottom are Summer House, the other green on the upper right hand side is Sugar Pop (some of the first fabric I ever bought!) and the pink in the upper left is Modern Domestic, as well as the two squares in the middle and the side pieces.  I don't know what the center piece is.  I fussy cut it from something.  And the yellow is, of course, the Quilted Fish. I LOVE that yellow fabric.  Ever since I bought it, I've been wanting to use it in EVERYTHING.  Don't worry, I bought more.  And I scouted a HUGE bolt of it at Pine Needles.  When that gets low, I'll buy them out!  

Anyways, I still need to attach the binding.  I intend on binding it while I'm away - which is one of the reasons I was in such a rush to get it done!  Just a mental note for me for future reference - take more time on Christmas Star II.  Choose something easier on a rush job.

Well, there is a lot more that needs to be done before take off time!  I hope y'all are having a great day!


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