Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scissor Pouch and House Update!

Yesterday I posted a to-do list and I just wanted to re-post what had not been done by the time I posted yesterday and let you know what I completed!

- Cut 5" squares for my surprise quilt -> Done!
- Organize fabric -> Done! (but how long will last?!)
- Pack a box or two in the spare room
- Clean kitchen -> Done!
- Work on a pouch for my scissors -> Done!

I almost finished the quilted pouch for my scissors yesterday and I was so excited to get it finished that it was the first thing I did this morning.  I love it!

The reason I wanted to make this little pouch for my scissors is because I cut the excess threads of my projects as I sew and I didn't want to set my scissors down on the table because I didn't want to scratch them.  So I thought of this little "mug rug" but with a pocket for my scissors when I'm not using them!  I had been saving that scissor fabric (wonderland by MoMo) for forever and I'm glad I saved some for this project!  The yellow is Apple of My Eye by The Quilted Fish and, of course, the Pezzy Print for the binding.

I didn't get any packing done yesterday, so that was the second thing I did this morning.  I realized this morning that I never posted an update about the house!  The sellers agreed to wait until November for the close date so we are good to go!  Our new date is November 19th.  While it's super exciting, it is going to be SO busy for the last weeks of November because we will be out of town for Thanksgiving.  We're planning on moving all our belongings the weekend after Thanksgiving - which means that our whole apartment needs to be packed by the time we leave! It's going to be crazy.  So I thought I would try to ease the craziness by packing bits here and there that I know won't be in use for awhile.  I don't plan on really ripping the place apart and stacking boxes in the living room until about October 19th-ish.

Well, I have quite a few chores to do today.  Until last night I forgot that we'll be traveling south for the wedding of the hub's brother!  So I'll be losing some more sewing days... But we'll have fun!

I hope y'all are having a great Wednesday!


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