Friday, September 28, 2012

Quick Project: Grocery Bag Holder

Happy Friday!!

Today after I got home from the grocery store I decided that enough was enough and I needed a grocery bag holder.  I used a tutorial that I found here and it worked out great!  I sewed this together in just a couple of hours.

The fabrics here are: Monaluna for Birch Fabrics, Gypsy Caravan, The Woodlands by Khristian Howell, Laurie Wisburn, and Habitat by Jay McCarroll.  Some of these fabrics I have been hoarding for a long time and I finally decided to cut into them because it was a project for me!

The biggest difference between this and the tutorial is that I didn't have any ribbon handy to hang it with (that is already packed up!!).  Instead, I took the ends of the fabric that I cut off to make the fabric even and braided them together and sewed them on!  I like it.  It adds just a touch of scrappy-ness.

I had to place my other projects - the curved log cabin quilt and the Apples in the Orchard quilt - on hold for a day or so.  It's the worst when I feel obligated to work on a project.  So even though I had set goals to have the Apples in the Orchard quilt completely quilted and the curved log cabin quilt top done by the end of September, it just doesn't look like it's going to happen... Good thing that when I set goals for my self, they are extra, extra early so that I have time to fail... just in case that happens.  However, I will meet the other two goals that I set for myself!  I wanted to have the spare room all packed up and I wanted to contemplate cutting the fabric for my dad's quilt... The spare room is 95% done and we'll be able to get the other 5% done this weekend!  Also, I considered cutting that fabric... and then I laughed!  There's no way I'm cutting into that before I have the curved log cabin quilt top done... too many little pieces floating around!

Anyways, off to a busy Friday!

I hope y'all have a great day!


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