Friday, October 12, 2012

Apples in the Orchard: 3/4 Quilted

I am so excited to have quilted 75% of my sister's quilt!

AVB 3/4 Quilted

It feels like such an accomplishment for me! I've never quilted anything this big using a meandering quilt pattern!  It's been a fun challenge.  I'm glad it's for my sister, who I know won't judge me for my little mistakes!  Sisters are great like that, aren't they?

I plan on adding binding this weekend!  It's just sitting there in it's cute little roll taunting me!

I almost forgot!  I have these darling pictures of my girls that I wanted to share!  These pictures were taken the other night when we were getting ready for bed.  The babies certainly love pillows!

Kio and Omi

Kio and Omi

I particularly like this last one... it's so typical of Omi to be super curious (about the camera, in this case) and for Kio to be concerned that Omi gets too close to strange things... They are such good girls :]

Have a great weekend!


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