Friday, October 5, 2012

Fabric Mail Day!!

Why can't every day be as great as today?  I got a big box (technically it was a Priority Mail medium box) in the mail today and it was full of fabric!  Oh joy of joys!!

Before I get into the heart of my treasures, I feel like I should preface this post.  I love Jay McCarroll.  His fabric is some of my most favorite fabric ever. I discovered him when Habitat was fading out of stores.  I was able to get my hands on two prints (technically the same print, in different colorways), but that was it.  Last week Fabricworm sent me an email about Jay McCarroll's newest collection, Center City.  I immediately looked it up, fell in love, and decided that it had to be mine.  Then later that week Fabricworm sent me another email in the which they stated that they had restocked Habitat, but this was the last of it.  Oh, and not only did they restock it, they put it on sale.  That pushed me over the edge and I sorta... went crazy.

So, without further ado, here are my spoils!

Center City, Midtown by Jay McCarroll

This is Center City, the Midtown colorway.

Center City, Downtown by Jay McCarroll

This is the Downtown colorway.

Center City, Uptown by Jay McCarroll

This is the Uptown colorway and it is my favorite! I LOVE that gold in there.  What can I say, I'm an uptown girl... :]

Habitat by Jay McCarroll

Here is what I bought of Habitat.  I refrained from buying... well, everything.

Then I bought some random-ish fabrics that are not Jay McCarroll related.

Eye Drops by Tula Pink

This is Eye Drops by Tula Pink.  This was restocked and I missed this one the first go-round.

Where's My 'Stash by Nicole's Prints for Alexander Henry

This is Where's My 'Stash by Nicole's Prints for Alexander Henry.  This was also restocked.  I cannot explain why/how I missed this the first time it was released.  This is a fantastic print!!

Cushion and Dust by Sarah Watts

This is a new collection by Sarah Watts called Cushion and Dust.  I particularly like the birdcages.  This fabric will morph into drawstring bags soon. (did anyone else see Jeni's post about the sale?!)

And, since I was at it, I threw in a scrap pack.  Best. Decision. Ever.  It was like opening a surprise!  Have you ever ordered a scrap pack?  I just love everything they sent me!

Scrap Pack

Scrap Pack

 I could not be more excited to cut into these!!

I hope y'all are having as good of a day as I am!!


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